About Us

We at Hemisphere Title Company have an experienced staff of licensed professionals who are dedicated and committed to serving you. Our staff is efficient, courteous and well versed in handling all types of transactions.

Title Insurance provides "Peace of Mind"

We issue title insurance for both the homeowner and the lender. There are two types of policies. The owner's title policy protects the interest of the Homeowner and the Mortgagee's title policy protects the interest of the lender. The process starts with a comprehensive search of public records to determine if any liens or other encumbrances are attached to the title. One in four title searches uncovers some problem that must be rectified prior to the closing.

  • Liens - can be placed against a title by any party with an unpaid financial obligation against the property owner.
  • Errors - may have occurred during the course of previous ownership changes that could have included recording errors, typographical errors, incorrect legal descriptions, or title search errors resulting from undisclosed issues.
  • Claims - against a property may come from missing heirs or claims from ex-spouses or even from government, or corporate entities. Also insanity or mental incompetency or when wills are not properly probated or are misinterpreted.
  • Fraudulent activity - such as forged signatures or fraud in the execution of documents. False impersonation or any other fraudulent activity can invalidate any title work that occurred from that point on.

Just how much is the title insurance going to cost you? Not as much as you probably think. Only a small percentage of closing fees are actually for title insurance protection. Title insurance is less than 1 percent of the purchase price of your property and less than 10 percent of your total closing cost.